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VensaArt About Us

Our firm offers services in Ventilation Installation sector by manufacturing ventilation tools, equipment, and accessories. VensaArt operates in 6000m2 closed and 600m2 open area facility located on Pursaklar Industrial Zone in Esenboğa, Ankara. VensaArt accelerated manufacturing of ventilation tools and equipment as the company cared for indoor air quality and conservation of energy. Various products including Air-Conditioning Plants, Heat Recovery Devices, Cell Aspirators, Channel Type Aspirators, Roof Type Aspirators, Electrical Heaters, Vent Groups, and Air Damper and new products are designed within the company. Ventilation devices are manufactured in high-quality, and silencer dampers, plenum box, isolated and non-isolated filter boxes, cartridge filters, and ventilation accessories are manufactured with great care.

Vensa Fabrika

While we are manufacturing our own products, our primary goals is higher quality manufacturing by complying with global standards. With this perspective, all local materials in our facilities have CE-TSE-ISO certificate and all exported materials are compliant with EN norms. VensaArt continues its effective operations by preserving interest of consumers and operating with safe product principle. VensaArt will work for highest customer satisfaction with on-time delivery and after sales service approach for high-quality ventilation tools and accessories.

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Our strategy is based on three main principles.

Our firm offers services in ventilation installation sector since 2011 to offer innovative and quality products to customers, provide customer satisfaction during and after sales, preserve strong brand image and manufactures ventilation devices, equipment, and accessories. Our firm operated on 6000 m2 closed area in Pursaklar industrial zone in Esenboğa. Our company accelerated ventilation device manufacturing as we care for indoor air quality and conservation of energy.

Our company manufactures wide range of products including heat recovery devices, dust collector aspirators, air-conditioning plants, cell aspirators, channel type aspirators, roof type aspirators, and electrical heaters and designs new products. Our company manufactures high-quality ventilation tools in Ankara including silencer dampers, plenum box, isolated and non-isolated filter boxes, cartridge type filters, and ventilation accessories.

Overseas Dealers

1. Asel Engineering Ltd.

  • Adres: Organize Sanayii Bölgesi 7. Sokak No: 16 Lefkoşa / KKTC
  • Telefon: +90392 225 2904

2. Sumics (Azerbaijan)

  • Adres: 53A Salamzada Caddesi, Bakü Şehri Nesimi Bölgesi, AZ1078, Azerbaijan
  • Telefon: +994 12 555 63 63 Mail:

3. Clean Air Schweiz GmbH

  • Adres: Talackerstrasse 41 81 52 Glattbrugg

4. Comfort Cooling Service (Uzbekistan)

  • Adres: Mirabad district, Nukus Str 19/2 Tashkent City, Uzbekistan

Domestic Dealers

1. Onel Enerji

  • Adres: Yahya Kaptan Mah. Şehit Ali İhsan Çakmak Sk. No:40 D:1 İzmit, Kocaeli
  • Tel: 0262 311 11 74 Mail:

2. Mekant Mühendislik

3. Limdaş

  • Adres: 1.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Ek Arazi No:20 25700 Aziziye, Erzurum
  • Tel: 0442 329 00 16 Mail: 
Regional Directorates

Center Factory

Pursaklar Sanayi Sitesi 1643. Cad. No: 18 Altındağ, Ankara, Türkiye

+90 312 528 14 14


Onel Enerji

Yahya Kaptan Mah. Şehit Ali İhsan Çakmak Sk. No:40 D:1 İzmit, Kocaeli

+90 262 311 11 74


Mekant Yapı Mühendislik

Memurevleri Mah. Güllük Cad. Kuruoğlu Apt. No:111/E Muratpaşa, Antalya

+90534 514 74 78 



1.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Ek Arazi No:20 Aziziye, Erzurum

+90 442 329 00 16 


Bölge Müdürlüğü

Gazi Osmanpaşa Mahallesi, Namık Kemal Bulvarı No: 25 Tekirdağ

VensaArt Tekirdağ


Bölge Müdürlüğü

Mimarsinan Mah. Küçük Sanayi Sitesi 61. Sokak No:1 Çorum

VensaArt Çorum


Bölge Müdürlüğü

İnönü Mahallesi Yalçın Caddesi Sezer Apt. A Blok No: 1 Merkez Kastamonu

VensaArt Kastamonu


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