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Rooftop Air Condition

The Rooftop Devices that VensaArt produces are both competitive and innovative with excellent environmental applicability and as smart control units as possible.

V-RT Series

V-RT Rooftop Air Condition Explanation

In today's air conditioning technology, rooftop package air conditioners (Rooftop) are preferred because they can meet the heating, cooling and fresh air needs as a single device. Being versatile and efficient and being used outdoors are the most important reasons why they are preferred. Rooftop Air Conditioning solutions are the best cost-performance package solutions for buildings where single-volume comfort air conditioning will be applied.

Rooftop Air Conditioners are economical air conditioning devices used for comfort conditioning of medium and large volumes. In addition, in today's technology, roof type air conditioners can be offered with different operating mode options with only cooling, heat pump (heating-cooling),natural gas heated and heat pump, electric heater reinforced heat pump, and heater water battery reinforced heat pump versions. Thanks to their optional features, rooftop devices allow high efficiency and low operating costs in today's conditions where savings are at the forefront.

Thanks to their technology and compact design, Rooftop devices are selected as the most suitable devices for application-oriented use in a plug-and-play logic. Rooftop air conditioners (Rooftop) are nowadays used in hypermarkets, business and shopping centers, complex buildings (otelresidence-mall etc.) airports, movie theaters, theater halls, performance centers, congress centers, social facilities, hotel meeting halls, shops, slope institutions, sports halls, logistics centers, warehouses, warehouses, etc. They are used in factories for industrial purposes and areas.

V-RT Rooftop Air Condition Features

Production QualityBody Strength, Air Tightness, Filter By-Pass Ratio, Thermal Transmittance, Thermal Bridging and Body Sound Insulation EN 1886
Structure and PanelSelf Supporting Frame and Double Sheet Sandwich Panels
ProfileAluminum Alloy (Almgsi0.5) / Steel Frame Profiles
Sheet MaterialStainless Steel
Panel Thickness40 mm - 60mm
Air TightnessEPDM Sealing Gaskets Are Used To Provide Full Air Tightness On Panel Surfaces.
Heat and Sound InsulationRock Wool / Glass Wool
Heating / Cooling CoilDX Coil / Copper Tube Aluminum Fin
Fan SystemBackward Curved Blade Fan / Forward Curved Fan / Plug Fan / EC Motor Fan
MoisteningSterile Steam
Heat RecoveryPlate / Thermal Rotor / Heat Pipe / Water to Air Heat Recovery
Power and RegulationBuilt-in Power and Electricity Regulation Board
Monitoring / ManagementBMS Management
  • Improved Indoor and Air Quality
    1. Unlimited Modular, Flexible and Energy Efficient Rooftop.
    2. Air Handling Units Produced in Different Sections up to 100.000 m³ / h Air Flow.
    3. Has TSE and CE Certificates.
  • Realize Modularity and Compactness
    1. Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Comfort.
    2. Wide, Versatile Product Range Integrated Electronic Regulation.
    3. Energy Saving Special Solutions for All Commercial Buildings.

As VensaArt air conditioning, we make Rooftop device in 3 different models!

  • Single Fan Rooftop: In this model, the air sucked from the room is passed through the conditioning process and pressed back to the space. There are two dampers in the device; one controls the intake air, the other controls the fresh air. In other words, fresh air can be mixed into the air sucked from the space optionally.
  • Rooftop with Double Fan Mixing Damper: With the help of two fans used in this model, aspirator and ventilator fans work separately. Mixing at the desired rate and fresh air can be provided with the mixing damper mechanism.
  • Double Fan Plate Heat Exchanger Rooftop: The air to be exhausted from the room is passed through the plate heat exchanger and transfers its heat to the fresh air. Thus, heat recovery is provided. The system works with one hundred percent fresh air.
  • Energy Savings, Low Operation Cost
  • Low Noise Level
  • Strong Carcase Structure
  • Impermeable Structure
  • Smart Control
  • Easy Installation
  • Secure Operation
  • Working Different Condition

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