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Duct Type Shelter Ventilation Device

VensaArt produces both competitive and innovative productions with excellent environmental applicability and intelligent control units with the Channel Type Shelter Ventilation Device it produces.

V-SHS Series

V-SHS Duct Type Shelter Ventilation Device Explanation

Duct Type Shelter Ventilation Unit operates in two different ways in principle. In normal times, fresh air is sent through the G4 panel filter. In times of war, fresh air is passed through an active carbon filter, hepa filter and lead alimator that can cool nuclear, biological and chemical gases.

Private Shelter Ventilation Plant; in homes, in the basements or gardens of public and private workplaces and factories and establishments. It is used for the protection of those who live and serve here. General Shelter Ventilation Plant; They are made jointly by the government, the municipality and the special administration in places with a large population of people or in neighborhoods with heavy traffic, for the protection of those who are outside at that time.

Wars have been among the realities of the world since the starting point of human history. People have been in a constant conflict environment by being divided according to religion, language, race and ethnic origin. This is a fact of humanity. In order to cause more casualties to the enemy, many different weapons have been invented and countries have allocated astronomical budgets for these activities. The industrial revolution of 1750 turned the war industry into a giant sector. Biological weapons have emerged as a waste material of the advancing technology in medicine and medicine.

After the discovery of the power of atomic energy, nuclear weapons began to be produced rapidly. Chemical weapons have also become the nightmare of humanity. Various laws and regulations have been enacted to eliminate all these negative situations. According to the zoning law numbered 3194, a certain size of a shelter area must be built under the ground levels of the buildings. The air blown into the shelter area must be free from nuclear biological and chemical effects. Shelter ventilation stations are products designed in line with these needs. Has TSE and CE Certificates.

V-SHS Duct Type Shelter Ventilation Device Features

Production QualityBody Strength, Air Tightness, Filter By-Pass and Body Sound Insulation Complies with TSE Standard
Structure and PanelSelf Supporting Frame and Double Sheet Sandwich Panels
ProfileAluminum Alloy (Almgsi0.5)
Sheet MaterialGalvanized Steel
Panel Thickness40 mm - 50mm
Air TightnessEPDM Sealing Gaskets Are Used To Provide Full Air Tightness On Panel Surfaces.
Heat and Sound InsulationRock Wool / Glass wool
FanBackward Inclined Blade Fan / Airfoil Fan / Plug Fan / EC Motor Fan
FiltersRadioactive Hepa - EU4 Filter - Activated Carbon
OptionalLead Seperator - Lead Coating
Power and RegulationBuilt-in Power and Electricity Regulation Board
  • Geliştirilmiş İç Mekân ve Hava Kalites
    1. Unlimited Modular, Flexible and Energy Efficient Cell Fans.
    2. Cell Fans Produced in Different Sections up to 10.000 m³ / s Air Flow.
    3. Has TSE and CE Certificates.
  • Realize Modularity and Compactness
    1. Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Comfort.
    2. Versatile Product Range, Integrated Electronic Regulation.
    3. Energy Saving Special Solutions for All Commercial Buildings.
  • Energy Savings, Low Operation Cost
  • Low Noise Level
  • Strong Carcase Structure
  • Impermeable Structure
  • Smart Control
  • Easy Installation
  • Secure Operation
  • Working Different Condition

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