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Snail Fan

VensaArt produces both competitive and innovative productions with its excellent environmental applicability and smart control units with its Snail Fan.

V-SF Series

V-SF Snail Fan

StructureGalvanized Steel
FanSingle Suction Radial Fan
Engine Speed1.500 - 3000 rpm
External Static PressureUp to 500 Pa
Power220-1-50 / 380-3-50
Protection ClassIP55
ControlSpeed ​​Switch
  • Improved Indoor and Air Quality
    1. Unlimited Modular, Flexible and Energy Efficient Air Handling Units.
    2. Cell Fans Produced in Different Sections up to 100.000 m³ / s Air Flow
    3. Has TSE and CE Certificates.
  • Realize Modularity and Compactness
    1. Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Comfort.
    2. Versatile Product Range and Integrated Electronic Regulation.
    3. Energy Saving Special Solutions for All Commercial Buildings.
  • Energy Savings, Low Operation Cost
  • Low Noise Level
  • Strong Carcase Structure
  • Impermeable Structure
  • Smart Control
  • Easy Installation
  • Secure Operation
  • Working Different Condition

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