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Pool Dehumidification Plants

VensaArt makes both application and development productions with its Hygienic Air Handling Unit devices, excellent environmental applicability and as much smart control units as possible.

V-HNS Series

V-HNS Pool Dehumidification Plants Explanation

Pool Dehumidification Units are used in indoor swimming pools for dehumidification and to provide desired temperatures according to seasonal conditions. It is specially produced in 8 different types and capacities for indoor swimming pools with a surface of 50m2 to 500m2. These are special Pool Dehumidification Unit systems developed for the dehumidification of indoor swimming pools, drying processes and special places where dehumidification is needed, and air conditioning it by bringing it to the desired level.

It consists of aspirator, ventilator, heat recovery coil, direct expansion, cooling coil, hot water final heater coil or electrical heater sections. It is used with hermetic scroll compressors to provide gradual dehumidification and cooling cycle.

The device has an electronic control system specially designed for the dehumidification cycle. Thanks to this control system, the pool area is automatically brought to the desired conditions with summer, winter night and winter day options. Pool Dehumidification Unit is designed to take fresh air and make exhaust. Pool Dehumidification Units are delivered in packages and on an electrical control panel.

V-HNS Pool Dehumidification Plants Features

ModelsP: Plate Heat Recovery, H: Heat Pipe Heat Recovery, Y: No Heat Recovery
Structure and PanelSelf Supporting Frame and Double Sheet Sandwich Panels
ProfileAluminum Alloy (Almgsi0.5)
Sheet MaterialPrepainted Galvanized Steel
Heat and Sound InsulationRock Wool
Refrigerant ControlElectronic Expansion Valve
Heating / Cooling CoilHot Water Coil / Electric Heating With Cu / Al Epoxy Coated 3 Way Valve
Fan SystemRadial Fans / Plug Fan
CondenserCopper Aluminum Epoxy Coated Condenser
EvaporatorCopper Aluminum Hydrophilic Coated Evaporator
Energy-SavingFreecooling Option with VFD Control
Heat RecoveryPlate / Heat Pipe Type Heat Recovery
Power and RegulationBuilt-in Power and Electricity Regulation Board
  • Complete Comfort for Pool Environments
    1. Dehumidification Capacity up to 200 kg.
    2. Environmentally Friendly R410A Refrigerant With Scroll Hermetic Compressor.
    3. Energy Recovery.
  • Up to 70% Heat Recovery
    1. Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Comfort.
    2. Versatile Product Range and Integrated Electronic Regulation.
    3. Energy Saving Special Solutions for Swimming Pools.
  • Energy Savings, Low Operation Cost
  • Low Noise Level
  • Strong Carcase Structure
  • Impermeable Structure
  • Smart Control
  • Easy Installation
  • Secure Operation
  • Working Different Condition

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